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By Matt W 06 Aug, 2017
Just a quick update on the new affiliates page I'm working on. We advertise almost any website on the homepage and don't require any type of link back. The affiliates page will look the same as the top sites and features sections, but only those who link back to us will be listed there.

Interested in being an affiliate? Simply select the option to be an affiliate when submitting your website on the homepage or email us at and we'll get you listed when the page launches.

Thanks for reading.
By Matt W 06 Aug, 2017
On July 31st it was announced that HBO had been the target of another group of hackers who claimed to have made off with 1.5 tb of data. I've read quite a few articles on this and everyone is saying something different. Some websites are claiming the attack was rather small (Only around 300 GB of data) and not much damage was done while others are saying it was catastrophic. 

I'm sure whatever the case, HBO will recover and we'll all forget about this in a few weeks. However, if you have any emails or passwords associated with HBO I would recommend changing those immediately. It's better to be safe than sorry. It's also possible financial information was stolen, but I haven't seen much information on that. Just keep an eye on your bank statements and change your passwords. That's really all you need to do.

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